The Dancer: How to Love an Outrageous Person

This is the first in a series of articles designed to help people who have experienced abuse or trauma build relationship skills. You can find the rest of this series on my blog. Sometime during the last year of his life, David, my second husband again did one more shocking thing. Six months after he… Read More

The Test: How to Figure Out If Your Relationship is Abusive

People complain that I don’t give out lists of traits when I teach my “How to Spot a Predator” Class. But lists are destructive and dangerous. The lists on the Internet of personality traits for abusers, sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissistic individuals really mess you up. They are shallow. Pop psychology is shallow. Actual real life… Read More

Triggers Can Be Empowering: My Approach

Trigger Warnings: Descriptions of being triggered included. I’ve begun to accept the way things are done these days. That means I now include trigger warnings in my writings. I write a lot about abuse recovery or abuse prevention. Yet, the first time someone wrote ‘trigger warnings’ on my writing, I was offended. I began my… Read More