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• Your Gentle Inner Nudge

When people are unhappy, it’s difficult to see potentials. But really, the universe, with you in it, is constantly growing. Sometimes it is difficult to see, but the world is a positive place. Everything around you is trying to support your personal development.

Sometimes you feel an inner nudge to go beyond the life you have. Pay attention to those nudges. I believe these nudges come from that positive power in life. Maybe you are questioning your beliefs. Life coaching can help that questioning. It can also use the trance state to replace those self-defeating beliefs with beliefs that will lead to a destination more in line with your true nature.

• Your True Nature is Calling You.

The highest power in the universe is all love, goodness, and positive energy. You live in a friendly universe that supports positive growth and change. All aspects of your life are working together synergistically to encourage your growth. In fact, the universe is constantly attempting to manifest more positive energy and experiences in our lives.

Most people have a long held cherished image of what they desire in this life. People who are unhappy think they cannot have what they want. In contrast, I believe that these deeply held cherished images come from the actual life pattern that belongs to you. Your dreams involve the life that will ultimately work for you.

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