How to Handle Being Gaslighted or When People Say or Write Mean Words about you.

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Years ago, I was stalked at work by a very intelligent sociopath. We were on the same working team. She contacked each person who worked with us telling them a clever lie about me. Each lie was different and created to appeal to the prejudices of that person.

This was gaslighting. Gaslighting involves a mental and emotional attack on your ability to see yourself and the people around you accurately. You stop being able to assess what is actually true or false. You don’t know who you can trust and who is dangerous to your well-being. You feel off balance and wounded inside you. Worse, you cannot tell where to go or what to do to help yourself.

It can be a direct attack where your adversary is speaking directly to you telling you lies about you, others in your life, or your existence itself. They can do things and create situations for you that keep you off balance. Or gaslighting can involve an indirect assault involving gossip and creating rumors about you out of whole cloth.

What I write might work a little bit if you live with them. But really, it will only help you get away from them with a lot of effort on your part. The reason is that as you work on yourself, they will only increase their efforts to harm you emotionally.

Somehow the gossip gets back to you and you hear it in little ongoing pieces. Drip, drip, drip of a poison in your world. I think your gaslighter makes sure you know what is happening. It feels like a runaway train is coming down the track at you. And you think you cannot escape it.

On that job, people began to say awful things to me. Whisper about me in groups. If I walked past a group of people, everyone stopped talking. Others would yell at me. It was a mob of hate.

Needless to say, going to work every single day was a nightmare. I began to doubt myself and question my ability to do my job. I began to critique myself in relationship to other people. I’d ask myself what I was doing to cause these people to actively hate me. Until I learned, by accident, what was happening.

I tried every conceivable different type of reaction to put out the fires of rage at me at work. I was nice and reasonable. I was firm. I tried aggression and confrontation. The more I tried to stop how they were treating me, the crazier I looked. So, my behavior fed her machinations. I gave this woman all my personal power. For a while.

  • In gaslighting, you cannot stop the other person.

This is the hard fact about abuse. It’s actually a hard fact about life. You really and truly cannot control other people. Unless you are willing to end up in prison for murder, what bad people do is out of your hands. This truth used to make me furious. Then one day, I realized I could take my power back from abusive people.

  • How you act in response to abuse tells the world who you are.

When someone gaslights you, it hurts like mad. And because you hurt, you react. You show your insides to the world. You reveal the hurt. If the gaslighter is very good at it, your hurt insides will look crazy.

Everyone has a bit of crazy inside them. I mean everyone. We’re human with histories made up of good and bad. Hit us hard enough in our hurt places, and we bleed crazy. They get their desired result which is to make you look irrational and out of control. Usually in public view.

No matter how awful, outrageous and ugly the other person acts, how you respond takes the attention off of them and puts it right smack dab on you. As wrong as the other person is, what you do shows people who you are. Unfortunately, the worse they have hurt you, the more you will look like the person they are telling the world that you are.

If you cannot control, stop or change what the other person is doing, what the hell can you do? Here is the answer. You gain control over your own actions. It is a slow and painful process, but it works every single time.

  • Deliberately turn your attention away from the chaos.

The desire to stop those involved in what is happening often feels like a compulsion. A compulsion in my own voice. You need something to drown out your own voice and the compulsion to look at what he is doing or saying. In my own life, I imagine it’s similar to what I had to do when I quit smoking. One day at a time. Ignoring the smell of smoke when others continued to smoke. Altering my habits and eliminating those places where there was a lot of smoking. And I simply didn’t buy a new pack of cigarettes or go into a store that sold them.

I see this image in my mind of turning my back on the actions of that person.

Forcing my body and attention to go elsewhere. Shut up. Close your mouth. Put down your pen. Stop looking at them or their friends on the Internet. Give your gaslighter no new information about you to work with. At first, this is very difficult. It requires self-discipline and effort.

I use personal affirmations and self-talk.

Here is an example of an affirmation for this: I fully and freely release you. I completely loose you and let you go. So far as I am concerned you have served your purpose in my life and I no longer need you. All things are over between us. it is done. It is finished forever. I am free.

And I say that over and over and over in my mind. It helps me not give in to the impulse to go back and look, talk about it to others, ask questions and so on.

I also use massive self-care.

When someone gaslights me, they are trying to steal my joy. Instead, I walk in the opposite direction toward the things and people in my life who feed me. This is called self-care.

If you dance, find a dance class. If you paint, pick up your brush. Call people you know who love you AND do not talk about the gaslighting. Talk instead about things that make your heart sing. If you write, write upbeat stuff. Every writer has lists of projects. Pick one that makes you happy. Go places that feed your spirit. Places that don’t involve the one who is gaslighting you. Do the things you usually love even if you are absolutely not in the mood.

Look at pretty things. Listen to music you love that does not remind you of them, but instead of happier times. Read upbeat books and novels with happy endings, preferably not romance novels if this person was a lover. Smells are good too. I bought a comforting scented shower gel to add to my good feelings.

Lastly, there are tasks you can perform in your life that bring you a sense of order. Small cleaning or sorting tasks can be very calming. You pick something small that needs to be organized, like your sock drawer. Or some small area of your home that needs cleaning like one window. And do that. These kinds of tasks take your mind off what’s bothering you and give you a sense or order in your life.

Gaslighters, like all abusers, don’t let go easily. They will continue to send out lures to draw you back in.

When you see the new temptation, name it as soon as possible. Everyone gets tricked once in a while. Once you know, stop responding. Go back to the beginning. Turn your back on the new trickery. Step up your self-care. Increase the things you do to feed yourself so you can continue their invisibility. This is hard to do.

  • Dignity wins. It kicks ass.

When you keep your behavior in check, you send out several messages to the world and the gaslighter. One, they are insignificant and do not matter. Two, you are not at all the person they say you are.

This makes them angry and the often escalate their actions. If you hold on to your dignity, they make themselves look bad. Then their actions tell the world who they are.

Dedicated to my friend, you know who you are.

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13 thoughts on “How to Handle Being Gaslighted or When People Say or Write Mean Words about you.

  1. You’re saying that gas-lighting is similar to a negative Pygmalion Effect. My experiences differ from this. Professional gas-lighters ALLEGE they can’t access information, ALLEGE they are not responsible, ALLEGE what you claim is not their business, ALLEGE you don’t know the Rules; and they do this TO YOUR FACE, usually, in a phone conversation or across a desk. They Play Stupid, when and if in fact you have chosen a place or institution or agency actually IN CHARGE of just such matters as you inquire about. Gas-lighting is professional off-putting, denials and ignorance.

  2. There’s a great bit in this meditation about letting go of negative connections that includes “You no longer have permission to access my personal energy” and some other good bits. It’s also a wonderful visualization exercise in clearing negativity and feeling protected. Great Article. I think the most powerful thing is when you really internalize the fact that you can’t change other people’s behavior and that the way they behave, although, perhaps, directed at you, is never about you. It always says everything about them.

  3. I fully and freely release you. I completely loose you and let you go. So far as I am concerned you have served your purpose in my life and I no longer need you. All things are over between us. it is done. It is finished forever. I am free.I love this. I am going to use this. It’s so hard to not go into attack mode when someone is acting this way towards you. I like your advice and dignity and grace will win every time. Do not stoop to the level of a gas lighter was the moral I got out of this story. Thanks for writing a great article.

  4. This article is timely, and I’m rereading it almost daily. My former lover of 4 years is telling all our mutual friends (and my new boyfriend) that I’m mentally ill, and “backing it up” with stories made up out of whole cloth. It’s a heinous label to assign to someone because it can’t be refuted. His smear campaign has been going on for almost a year now, verifying your assertion that they won’t stop, they’ll just escalate their actions. It’s something I have to live with, at least until he finds a new target. This article really helps.

  5. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this article. I come back to it often, to remind myself what it says and to put me back into the right frame of mind. Thank you.

  6. This Article Is So Absolutely Valid and Usefull In My Experience! IE; Learned the Hard Way. Although the Actual Process does take a Time to Walkthrough. The Process isn’t Easy, But it Is Worth It.
    RE; “Dignity wins. It kicks ass.
    When you keep your behavior in check, you send out several messages to the world and the gaslighter. One, they are insignificant and do not matter. Two, you are not at all the person they say you are.”

    When you Take yourSelf Back and Away From from one of these by Just Being Who You Are, the outcome is Priceless! Justice sometimes just needs to be Served Ice Cold! Thank You Dr Laura!

  7. I have experienced this on a new job where I was transferred from another location and met with open, inexplicable hostility from my new coworkers, who acted like I was crazy or worse when I asked them if I’d done something to offend them, and in a relationship, when my long-term boyfriend began telling different mutual friends that I had stabbed him. The good news is that observers, while often complicit with the gaslighting in order to avoid becoming a target, are usually not blind or stupid and in my case knew that a) I did not deserve to be abused and b) there was no way I had ever stabbed anyone. Still… they didn’t call the gaslighters out on their behavior, and the above writer is correct in teaching that the only healthy, self-preserving recourse is to cut the gaslighter(s) out of your precious, valuable life.

  8. After I shut off other information avenues (went no contact and stopped sharing information with mutual friends/acquaintances); the gaslighter managed to break into my home and damage things that they knew that I cared about. They also managed to install a keylogger onto my computer, surveillance inside my home, gps on the vehicle and cloned my cell phone. This person is determined to make it impossible for me to get or keep a job, or generate income in any other way. This person is determined to make sure that I am socially isolated; and that I am unable to create and maintain new relationships. I don’t think that this person just wants to deprive me of joy, I think they want to deprive me of my entire life. I’m beginning to think that my only way to be free of this person is to totally walk (or run) away from everything; and start over far away; and hope that they can’t find me. Any suggestions??? I could handle it if it weren’t for feeling psychologically raped due to the constant monitoring and surveillance which is beyond despicable. I did a great job of maintaining self control and keeping my mouth shut. But now my home, my vehicle, my computer and my cellphone reveal every waking moment of my life.

  9. I Agree with Dr Laura Entirely A Stalker! I Also BelieveI Breaking Into a Persons Residence IS A Crime! And I Would Contact the Police and File a Police Report And Followup on it Closely. I’d Think There To Be Fingerprints as well? And a Way To Find Where the Information From Your Home is Going? Police Are Experienced with such things. That’s where I’d Start. I’d also do a Complete Wipe and Reset of All Electronics. And Include getting a Different Electronics Services Provider. A Security Company may also be able to Find and Track things the person placed inside Your Home, and get rid of them.

    I Too Am So Sorry anyone would be doing something like this. Although I also think anyone who would do such a thing is Truly Mentally Ill and Dangerous. I don’t see How an Attorney could help until the stalker is Found?


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