What Is Life Coaching?

coaching positive professionCoaching is a positive profession that emphasizes growth and development. I see and value your personal integrity. Coaching honors clients visualizing the light and beauty shining within people. My mission is to empower you. Coaching encourages people to reach their dreams. I understand that the people who want coaching are whole, healthy, vital and alive with an inner potential to become more fully who they are.

Coaching is a positive helping profession with a set of beliefs that is different and distinct from the psychotherapy field. Coaching as a profession believes in potential, growth, and development. I look forward to our positive and constructive interactions. The impact of an intimate and connected conversation where I truly see and value your essence is truly magical.

Coaching is a positive helping profession with skills that are different and distinct from the psychotherapy field. Coaching is inclusive and does not judge or evaluate your lifestyle and life choices. Coaches support, encourage, collaborate, offer strategies, share knowledge, maintain an egalitarian attitude, and help clients develop new skills.

Inclusive: I treat all cultures, races, sexual orientations, methods of sexual expression, and life choices with respect.

Support: I support you in whatever task you see as important.

Encourage: I encourage your growth and change.

Collaborate: I collaborate with you as you seek to become more of yourself.

Offer strategies: I carefully offer you strategies making certain not to take charge of your experience.

Share Knowledge: I share my knowledge.

Maintain an egalitarian attitude: I work diligently to NOT become the authority on your life.

Develop New Skills: I encourage your learning and even teach new skills while again not placing myself in authority your.

Contact me

For more information or if you’d like to make an appointment.

email: agentledrlaura@mail.com

Telephone: (615) 464-3791

©2016 by Laura Coleman, Ph.D.  All rights reserved.

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