Ode to A Bully

cyber-bullying-122156_640I don’t make friends with people
who try to harm me
not now
not ever
you taught me that.

Born the same year to sisters
who loved each other
we could have been friends
as close as they were
spending all that time together.

You and I side by side
together in cribs
side by side in strollers
playing in the yard
in the house
at the park
in the wading pool.

Playing games together
me oblivious of your bullying
jumping rope
card games
board games

I could not grasp your soul sickness
until I was way grown.
I still don’t understand how you came to be the way
you are.

I didn’t see gaslighting
mean girl
dark spirit in your soul.

I can not to this day
the tricks you played
using other children
to harm me.

I thought the problem was MINE
that I should be somehow better.

If I was
just different
we’d become the friends we had been born to be.

I was wrong.
The sickness belongs to you
with every advantage
whatever accoutrements you might possibly have needed.

What is wrong with you
that you did what did?

What was your motivation?
If envy, what
did you envy?

Was it competition?
Did you think that I
without those advantages
family support
could possibly overshadow you?

Did you fear me and imagine
I was as ugly inside as you
plotting to take whatever
you thought you had from you?

What possibly could have been inside you
that deep to create such evil in your depths?
What pains you today that you remain so defective?
What do I have now that you want to take?

I broke your hold on me
I left you behind
moved away
created a life
without you to torment me.

Obsession must drive you
trying mean girl baby tricks
at your age.
Obsession blinds you
keep trying to pull on that rope
I broke many years ago.

Your tricks no longer work on me
you know so little about me
you cannot set up the game
and be the winner
just a sad mean girl.

We could have been friends
as close as sisters
I am a good friend
a loving person
but you
you are not friend material.

I’m sorry for you
you had your chance
to be in my life
but you are twisted inside
and must be so very lonely.

I don’t make friends with people
who try to harm me
not now
not ever
you taught me that.

2 thoughts on “Ode to A Bully

  1. I don’t understand why children/people are the way they are… we don’t know what happens when they go home or how their lives are at home. All we know is what they directly or indirectly do to others. Sending gentle hugs.

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