Shame: Banish An Unwanted Guest

joy-1350035_1280A burning feeling
grabs hold of us
sits inside our inner most being
weighs us down
attacks our thoughts
steals our energy
savages our hope
tells us awful ideas
reminds us of our mistakes
every single mistake
we have ever made
in all their fullness
every shameful circumstance
feelings and gory detail

An unwanted guest
old, smelly, unwashed and dirty
false teeth sticking out in jest
farting without thought
boogers unnoticed hanging out of his nose
wrinkled odorous clothes
embarrassing us by her existence
humiliation been around
mortification seen this
loss of face done that
self-disgust strangling us with the tee-shirt.

It’s a shame
our minds tell us
hateful self-talk
thinking ourselves sad
creating our own tragedy
living in unnecessary mental misery
remembering every awkward moment
ruminating over every failure
re-experiencing every bully
wallowing in every helpless moment.

Banish that unwanted guest
uninvite him or her and them
It IS more difficult to describe success
a newborn in all her glory
young, sweet, and clean
hope surrounding her.
Mistakes become normal
errors are joyful for the trying
skills developing
newness of life
fresh energy
hope of great things to come.

It’s better to brag
than to shame
esteem and success
a cheering band
a bouquet of balloons
and flowers
each attempt
each try
for something better
honor myself
take pride in my efforts
praise what I’m doing
look carefully for the tracks
of all that work
it is enough.

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©2017 by Laura Coleman, Ph.D.  All rights reserved.

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