Online Art Coaching Group To Create New Holiday Memories

Create new holiday memories! Make new friends in the comfort of your own home. Use art projects to develop holiday plans that please you. Be supported and encouraged. Become true to yourself before and during the holiday season Coaching Not Therapy Goal setting Solve problems Make new plans Move forward Take action Create new memories… Read More

Holidays for Adults with Unhappy Holiday Memories

Self-Care to Reduce Holiday Stress Yesterday I went to physical therapy. Yes, physical therapy. AGAIN. There were beautiful huge pumpkins decorating the waiting room. One on each side of the door. Today is a day in the last week of September. Halloween is at the end of next month! The holidays are coming! Thanksgiving movies… Read More

Seven Ways to Help Children Cope with Trauma

1. Know That Traumas Are Horrible but You Aren’t. When there is a public trauma, there’s lots of drama. News and social media show the drama in living color with a hysteria that can add to false ideas. False ideas about yourself, your family, and your children. In 2017, we had storms, fires, floods, and… Read More

The Best Way Out Is Through!

  “The best way out is always through.” Robert Frost Your feedback is important! Please let me know your thoughts and feelings about this writing. Just scroll a little further down the page and use the “Leave a Reply” box to add your opinions. Make your suggestions and let me know what your needs are.… Read More

11 Things You Can Do to Make Your Children Safer from Abuse

Early in my graduate training, I stumbled over some great information and advice in my studies on all aspects of trauma and child abuse. One author wrote that parents should tell your children the following. “If someone tells you not to tell your parents, they are not your friend. Come and tell me right away!”… Read More

References for Helping Children Cope with Trauma

These are the resources used for Helping Children Cope with Trauma Aburn, G., Gott, M., & Hoare, K. (2016). What is resilience? An integrative review of the empirical literature. Journal of advanced nursing, 72(5), 980-1000. Delamater, A. M., & Applegate, E. B. (1999). Child development and post-traumatic stress disorder after hurricane exposure. Traumatology, 5(3), 20-27.… Read More