Holiday Quotes for People for Whom the Holidays Are Difficult

This page of quotes is for everyone who finds Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day an unhappy experience. I looked for quotes that go against what most people say and think about the holiday season.

Most of my life’s work has been spent with people who experienced abuse, trauma, grief and tragedy. I worry that someone with unhappy, abusive, and traumatic histories might feel isolated and alone during the holidays.

I picked quotes that seemed to me to express something other than the giddy happiness you see over the airways, on the net, in restaurants, stores, and so on. The pressure to be happy is everywhere.

This page and the following pages of holiday myths and self-care tips are all designed to help you handle this year’s season.

Holiday Quote 1

This quote just appeals to me for the feelings of Halloween. If you feel it’s all “toil and trouble”, consider trimming down your celebration. Or eliminating it altogether.

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I was considering how scary Halloween could be to people who have been traumatized early in life. My cousin babysat for me early in life and told me the story of her first day taking care of me. I was an infant and naturally have no memory of this. She was five and not told it was Halloween. No candy to give out. No preparation for the costumes ringing the bell. I still feel the anxiety I felt when she explained this to me sometime in my twenties.

I still feel the anxiety I felt when she explained this to me sometime in my twenties.

When I was searching quotes, this quote reminded me of that feeling. And it’s okay to feel scared. Just also think of ways to comfort yourself.

Holiday Quote 3

“I definitely do not like Halloween. I don’t like masks, creepy clowns, dark things, goblins or witches. They’re not just my thing.” Tyler Perry. If you feel like this, know that you are not alone.

If you feel like this, know that you are not alone. You don’t have to like “masks, creepy clowns, dark things, goblins or witches.”

If you can acknowledge this without judging yourself, you can find ways to take care of you. You matter.


To me, this quote also says it’s normal to feel scared at Halloween. Some people enjoy this. Some do not.

I don’t like scary things. They do remind me of my early childhood abuse. I don’t watch scary movies, go to costume parties where everyone gets to scare everyone else.

It’s my hope that you will take this to support and encourage you to accept any feelings you have at Halloween.


And yes, that is the way it is. Try to figure out what exactly spooks you. Then, you can also figure out ways to plan your night that make it easier for you. And that idea does also apply to all the days up to Halloween too.


“I’m not fond of a tradition that requires people to open the door for strangers. Or for kids to take candy from strangers.” ~Megan Erickson.

She’s a comedian and is making fun of the idea of Halloween. I thought about how irreverent this comment is making your opinions about Halloween perfectly okay. This quote seemed comforting to me.


This sounds funny and people can laugh as if it’s silly to take care of yourself. But really it’s not silly to honor your personal history. It’s not silly at all to do whatever you need to be okay during Halloween.


It’s okay to be frightened. The strategy to manage this during your holiday season involves owning your truth about your fear. Then you can make plans to comfort and soothe yourself. You can make decisions what to participate in and what to say, “no” to.


As I was searching for Halloween quotes for people who have difficulty with the holidays, I stumbled across this one. I like it because it speaks truths that some people think but do not say. If you can think and feel how you really feel, you can participate or not in whatever parts of the holiday season you want to participate in.

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