About Life Coaching

About Life Coaching1

To help you decide whether Life Coaching is for you, I’ve written a series of blog posts describing important information about Life Coaching.

Coleman Life Coaching Services

What Is Life Coaching?

How to Choose a Life Coach

Eight Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

Life Is Calling Your Name

Certification for Life Coaches is Important

Life Coaching Ethics

Coaching vs. Counseling: Which Do You Need?

Could You Benefit from Life Coaching: A Checklist

Coaching for Children

Could Your Child Benefit from Life Coaching: A Checklist

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I offer in person Life Coaching  in my Murfreesboro, TN office, on the telephone via teleconference or online via videoconference.

If you’d like to make an appointment, call me at:

Telephone: (615) 464-3791

Or write me at:

email: aGentleDrlaura@ColemanLifeCoaching.com

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