New Year’s Resolutions for Perfectly Imperfect People


Last night my husband and I watched a movie starring one of my favorite movie and television heroes. Handsome, brave and headstrong, sometimes rude, and yes, afraid of heights. As I was watching, I thought about this column and how awful it would look in the movie if this delightfully strong man thought he should change himself into someone else because….Well, because he had problems that baffled and embarrassed him.

This column is for anyone who thinks they s h o u l d be better and do better: Perfectly imperfect people who torment themselves with ‘shoulds.’ I’m writing to you perfectly imperfect people: Parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, partners, singles, ‘don’t wanna a relationships.’ These thoughts are for all of you who are hurt, traumatized or grieving, and anyone else who wants to do better and feel better in their lives.

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