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When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it. 

W. Clement Stone

Hello, my name is Laura Bradford Coleman, Ph.D., BCC. I’m a National Certified Counselor (NCC), Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC), and Board Certified Coach (BCC) offering life coaching.That’s me in the photo to your right.

I work in my private practice named, Coleman Life Coaching. I’ve been fascinated by how people grow, change, and overcome obstacles since I was about 10 years old. I’d sneak into my father’s room when no one was home and read his psychology books.

I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, friend, and life coach. I enjoy my life in the country with my husband, kitty and the horses out back. I read science fiction and urban fantasy novels. And I love music, especially oldies from the 1960’s and ’70’s.

I am also a survivor of severe and dramatic childhood abuse. As a child, I sought out every self-help book, pamphlet, or leaflet I found in the library, social workers’ offices, and school counselors’ offices. I read them with a commitment to find a way for me to triumph. I also read biographies and autobiographies of anyone anywhere that overcame extreme hardships.

I read carefully and singled out any and all suggestions that I could translate into personal action. As an adult, I found mentors who showed me more skills. Eventually, I entered psychology graduate training.  I wrote almost every research paper on the subject of early childhood trauma, including my Master’s Thesis and Ph.D. Dissertation. I dedicated my psychotherapy practice to people who experienced a trauma.

I am retired from private psychotherapy practice and am no longer taking therapy clients. Instead, I am working as a life coach to help you find your trauma-informed lifestyle. Life coaching is an exciting way to help people experience more life in their lives.

For many years, I worked as a psychotherapist with adults, couples, families, and children who had experienced some form of trauma, loss,  painful life event or felt frustrated in their lives. In my office, under my previous married name, Laura Russell, Ph.D. I received referrals from multiple local organizations that offer services to trauma survivors. During that time, I gave presentations and training to multiple local organizations on many aspects of living with a history of trauma.

Now I work as a life coach with adults, couples, families, and children who have experienced some form of trauma, loss, or painful life event. In the 1990’s, I created a treatment program for people who had experienced trauma. Now I’ve learned that much of the work I did to help people was very close to life coaching.

I love coaching. I  experienced coaching from the swimming pool lifeguards who encouraged my desire to learn those convoluted dives off the high diving board. In high school, my incredible speech and drama teacher coached me to compete in poetry reading contests. Still later, I had a wonderful life coach who cajoled, encouraged, questioned, confronted and believed in my abilities to achieve my personal goals.

In coaching, I partner with people who want to manifest their dreams. Like the quote at the top of my page, I feel it is my mission to see you fulfill those yearnings deep within you. Those yearnings contain your life’s mission. I want to help you find your own mission so that you too can be filled with enthusiasm and a burning desire to work on it.

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