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You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” George Bernard Shaw

You can use art in many ways leading to seeing your soul as George Bernard Shaw said. You pick the art materials that suit you and the way you are in the world. Art can happen in a relationship. Art can be a way to express yourself. Many people enhance their learning with art and art projects. Art is an effective way to enhance your life coaching experience,

  • Art Materials

Art is many things. It can be traditional with crayons, many types of paint, and clay. 
Crafts are art. Creating collages are great for visualizations. I love the crafts materials for children with shapes, textures, papers, glue, colored pencils, glitter, fuzzy balls, stars, and so on.

Found objects are also art. Many objects are in and outside your home. Cloth, metal, leaves, grass, along with anything you see to create with.

  • Art As Relationship

When people make art together, they are together in all the aspects of any relationship. Silence, communication, time spent together, shared efforts, feelings, and all the differing ways people bond. People grow faster in communication with others. People’s deepest need is to heard and understood. The connection between you and others often seems magical as you communicate.

  • Art As Self-expression

You can use charcoal, pastels, finger paint, watercolors, and clay. There are few rules because this type of art is to let you be you.

Self-expression. This is a very important aspect of life coaching. Coaching is about hearing yourself. You want to learn who you are in the world, what your deepest dreams are, and even what barriers you face to achieve these dreams. Most art activities take place in your home before or after a coaching appointment where you explore your self-chosen ideas.

  • Art As Education

Art is an incredible vehicle to learn new ideas and develop skills.

Art projects are a tremendous way to develop art skills. They are also for reinforcing ideas. Teachers use art on bulletin boards, work sheets, and in projects. Some people are kinesthetic learners and learn by touch. Touch, with art and other materials, is critical for someone who only learns by touch.

Art Coaching differs from education in a very critical way. You decide what you need to work on. You pick your topic, your project, and where you want to go with it. You, not your coach.

  • Art as Coaching

Most coaching conversations have a structure. This is true whether you are in an individual conversation or a group conversation.

The beginning of each conversation involves talking about what’s happening in your life, your goals for yourself and dreams for your life. One way to communicate this is to prepare a written sheet for discussion between sessions. You could also create art between sessions to communicate this idea.

Second is a discussion of your ‘wins’. These are your successes in between coaching visits. This too is great subject for art.

The middle of a coaching conversation involves choosing and working on the topic for discussion. In art coaching, you can create art here and we can discuss while you create. In an art coaching group, the group would also participate in creating and discussing.

The end of a coaching conversation involves creating action steps to reach your goals. This ties back into the beginning of your next coaching session. You plan the action steps you decide to take toward your goals. Your action steps can include an art project.

Art is a great way to visualize your goals and your successes. This is a positive use of art techniques and can help you envision your future success.

Art Coaching might use the tools and techniques of education or art therapy, but it’s very different. In Art Coaching, the ideal is to create to communicate with yourself, your coach and your art coaching group. The reason for your art is to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

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