New Year’s Resolutions for Perfectly Imperfect People

This column is for anyone who thinks they s h o u l d be better and do better: Perfectly imperfect people who torment themselves with ‘shoulds.’ I’m writing to you perfectly imperfect people: Parents, grandparents, husbands, wives, partners, singles, ‘don’t wanna a relationships.’ These thoughts are for all of you who are hurt, traumatized or grieving, and anyone else who wants to do better and feel better in their lives. 
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Parents Corner: Three Steps and Five Questions to Turn Parenting Anger into Parenting Success

Everyone gets angry sometimes. But there is anger and then there is destructive anger in your home. Most of us don’t want to harm our children. And one way to prevent harm in your home is to use angry moments as learning experiences. That way we can use our anger to establish rules that can… Read More

Six Steps to Problem Solving with Your Child

In last week’s Murfreesboro Parent’s Corner column, I explained how I developed a way to help our wild child. This involved walking him through a series of six question whenever he broke our rules, school rules, and social rules. This approach is also helpful for any crisis your child experiences. It’s a problem-solving approach. Parents… Read More

Thanksgiving Thoughts for Parents Recovering from Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse

We have all faced the pressures of advertising and the media and viewed the pictures of the perfect parent creating this grand feast of beautiful, delicious foods. We’ve read the parenting books or seen them selling big time on the Internet. And the memes on Facebook and Twitter! Oh, my, the advice for parents is… Read More