Thanksgiving Thoughts for Parents Recovering from Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse

We have all faced the pressures of advertising and the media and viewed the pictures of the perfect parent creating this grand feast of beautiful, delicious foods. We’ve read the parenting books or seen them selling big time on the Internet. And the memes on Facebook and Twitter! Oh, my, the advice for parents is… Read More

Eight Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

Few people wake up one day and spend money on something they don’t need. You hire a life or personal coach because the challenges you face cause discomfort and emotional pain. Sometimes the drive to seek a life coach starts dramatically in a big observable event. At other times it comes to you quietly as… Read More

Seven Ways to Help Children Cope with Trauma

1. Know That Traumas Are Horrible but You Aren’t. When there is a public trauma, there’s lots of drama. News and social media show the drama in living color with a hysteria that can add to false ideas. False ideas about yourself, your family, and your children. In 2017, we had storms, fires, floods, and… Read More

11 Things You Can Do to Make Your Children Safer from Abuse

Early in my graduate training, I stumbled over some great information and advice in my studies on all aspects of trauma and child abuse. One author wrote that parents should tell your children the following. “If someone tells you not to tell your parents, they are not your friend. Come and tell me right away!”… Read More