Eight Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

Few people wake up one day and spend money on something they don’t need. You hire a life or personal coach because the challenges you face cause discomfort and emotional pain. Sometimes the drive to seek a life coach starts dramatically in a big observable event. At other times it comes to you quietly as… Read More

Gaslighting 101: Changing the Subject

I sometimes become haunted by news stories. Usually stories of injustice and abuse. Of course, I do. They’re close to my home. They touch my heart and remind me of what I clawed my way out of. It’s not good for me to focus so strongly on negativity. I’d be better off becoming obsessed with… Read More

Relationship Skills for Survivors of Abuse and Trauma

The Dancer: How to Love An Outrageous Person I was madly in love with my late husband for the 27 years we were together. He was an outrageous person, yet he taught me most of what I know about helping people with their relationships. Now I Am The Outrageous Person! Loving relationships for adults who… Read More

Is It Love or Is It Addiction?

This is part seven of a series of articles on relationships specifically written for people who have experienced abuse or trauma in their lives. You can view the entire list of articles here: Relationship Skills for Survivors of Abuse and Trauma When I was 26 years old, I fell madly in ‘love’ with the man… Read More