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Me TOO. And Rape Culture

Me, too. I have my personal stories of abuse, harassment, and rape. Today we call what happened human trafficking.  Most of my life I simply called it abuse. When I was in graduate school, we were all required to give presentations to our class on our individual projects. My focus of study was treatment for… Read More

Holiday Quotes for People for Whom the Holidays Are Difficult

This page of quotes is for everyone who finds Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day an unhappy experience. I looked for quotes that go against what most people say and think about the holiday season. Most of my life’s work has been spent with people who experienced abuse, trauma,… Read More

References for Helping Children Cope with Trauma

These are the resources used for Helping Children Cope with Trauma Aburn, G., Gott, M., & Hoare, K. (2016). What is resilience? An integrative review of the empirical literature. Journal of advanced nursing, 72(5), 980-1000. Delamater, A. M., & Applegate, E. B. (1999). Child development and post-traumatic stress disorder after hurricane exposure. Traumatology, 5(3), 20-27.… Read More