Coleman Life Coaching offers a personal growth experience to children, adults, groups, couples and families. 

I use a wellness approach to personal growth and living. Learning to cope with whatever life has thrown at you. We work on liking yourself and participating in your life while you are growing.

All my coaching services focus upon Wellness Living which I define as:

• Living fully as the person you are in the moment.
• Learning to like yourself.
• No matter what is happening in your life.
• Accepting that change has a natural and orderly process.
• Coaching helps remove barriers to your natural process.

All coaching with me takes place:

at my Murfreesboro, Tn office

via video conferencing software


by telephone.

$90.00 Coaching for Individuals

Individual Coaching can involve skills training, self-esteem work, and relationships.
I work with many people experiencing a current or prior trauma.

My philosophy is that your history is less important than your present. I believe it is not necessary to dig, push or go after memories. Instead, we work in the present, strengthening your self care and adult living skills. If you need to remember something from your past, it will surface naturally as you develop the skills to handle a hurtful memory. In this manner, your present life will be less affected while you remember.

$90.00 Child and Adolescent Coaching

Children do not have the language or experience to name and solve their problems like adults. They express themselves through their play. Child coaching uses the normal expressions of a child in their art, play or dramatics to help them solve their problems.

I believe that parents have a very difficult task in today’s society. You need dignity and support. To the degree that parents wish, I involve you in the coaching experience of your child. Because I believe that growth is a natural process, I want to gently support the relationship between parents and children, using play-the language of children.

These are 45 minute conversations and take place using online video and audio conferencing software. Young children need a parent play partner with them.

$90.00 Art Coaching

My training and experience involved the use of art as a way of expressing yourself, formulating your goals, and visualizing them clearly.  It’s a way of hearing yourself more clearly.

This work is very similar to the work I do with children in play coaching. 

I do not analyze your work, we work your work. This is an active process to reach client initiated change. It’s purpose is to help increase your awareness of your dilemmas and surmount any barriers that exist to reaching your goals. This allows you to consciously make decisions and solve your problems.

$90.00 Relationship Coaching for Individuals

This is a special variation of relationship coaching. One purpose is to support you in defining the relationship you want. Remove any barriers you have that defeat what you seek. Find the relationship you want. Then growing into the successful relationship you desire.


$90.00 Marriage/Relationship Coaching

I value successful intimacy. I do not take sides; and the relationship becomes my client. With the exception of abusive situations, I believe that relationship troubles are 50% fault distributed. In other words, I believe that blame and responsibility lies with both parties.

I do not allow partners to continue their fights in coaching.

Instead I want you to solve your problems, improve mutual communication, and increase your intimacy skills. To accomplish this, I expect each partner to search for their own intimacy defeating behaviors. When both partners are willing to take 50% responsibility, the relationship has hope.

One aspect of relationship coaching that makes me unique is that I teach people how to protect their intimate relationships from old abuse or family of origin issues.

$90.00 Family Coaching

Strong families are the basis of healthy living. My definition of a strong family is a family that has room for everyone to progress, grow and change.

I do not take sides; and the family becomes my client. I believe everyone has a right to be heard, and in coaching, all points of view are equally important.

I do not allow families to continue their fights in the coaching session. Like my group/relationship coaching service, I produce an artificial environment for you to solve your problems, improve communication, and grow together as a family.

To accomplish this, I expect everyone to self-examine, and look for their part in the problem. I believe that everyone is equally responsible for the problems and the solutions.

$45.00 Group Coaching

I provide a special group experience for people who have experienced a trauma at any time in their lives. Because this is not psychotherapy or counseling, my groups do not permit the kinds of blunt, often abusive interchanges people expect in groups. 

Instead, this is a working group. We will work and learn together. I, the coach, remain in charge, allowing everyone to take risks, practice new behaviors and learn about yourself.

I run art coaching groups, trauma-informed skill building groups, and goal driven groups. Art coaching involves projects to be shared in a group. Trauma-informed skill building groups are more of an educational experience with discussions. And goal driven groups allow us as a group to work together to reach our individual groups with group support and encouragement.

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I offer in person Life Coaching  in my Murfreesboro, TN office, on the telephone via teleconference or online via videoconference.

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