social-media-2457821_1280My writing is my own and refers to my opinions, ideas, experiences and professional education. You do not have to like it, read it, or comment on it.

If you want to dialogue, I love it. I will dialogue with you. I welcome a healthy difference of opinion. Feel free to leave thoughtful comments. I like learning new ideas and approaches to the issues that are important to me.

I absolutely despise trolling, hatred, mocking people or forcing people to think in lockstep to one another. You don’t need my writing to help you express yourself. You can post your own writing in your own blog.

I will delete without warning any comments on a post I make that I think are trolling.

I use the guidelines from academic research on which comments are trolling comments. Here they are:

  • Mean-spirited illogical or absurd comments
  • Does not fit the rhythm of the discussion.
  • Unrelated to the topic
  • New topics, again not related to the conversation
  • Contentious and controversial
  • Hot button comments
  • Name calling
  • Attacking the author of the posting instead of the ideas
  • Attacking others in the thread
  • Lots of conflict with other people in the thread
  • Critiquing your writing style, ability, spelling and grammar
  • Picking out one word or sentence and distorting the meaning

I have added two:

  • Mansplaining
  • Mocking and making fun of a person’s looks

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