Life Coaching

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all.”
-Emily Dickenson

Similar to the poem above, life coaching means the tunes that perch within your soul. The tunes that push you to move forward in your life. The dreams that call your name.

hope-deferredThe painting to your right adds hope to the message in Emily Dickenson’s poem. A man is pondering the sea waiting. He’s wishing for his dream. For more. To move forward. The painting gives the impression that he wants to go out on the sea, but the waves defeat him. They look too rough.

The changes we want to make in our lives are similar. They appear too hard, choppy and rough. Instead, we wait. Defeated before we start.

The inner song you hear is calling you to manifest more in your life. To live adventurously. And experience the life you hear deep within you.

People choose life coaching because they face problems in their lives. Problems that are an illusion. Instead of barriers, these problems are pointing the way toward a happier and more successful life. Somewhere inside you see the fullness of your life. You know you can have better.

Whatever your original goal, your dilemmas are the nudge that gets you started on a path to hope and a tune within “that never stops at all”.

Coleman Life Coaching is about you and the problems that point your way to a more successful life. Coleman Life Coaching is about your life. Your goals. Your hopes, dreams, and wishes.

I want to support and encourage you to extend your reach. You can venture out on a choppy sea. You can fully take risks and achieve much.

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