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dante_gabriel_rossetti_-_io_sono_in_pace“Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.” Anais Nin

I believe in the healing power of connection and contact with others. Most of us know healing connections as relationships. Potential healing relationships are infinite. It doesn’t matter who you connect to in your life that connection is healing.

Spouse, lover, partner, child, parent, friend, boss, co-worker, yourself or a stranger you met. Seeing and being seen by another makes us whole. Contact and connections enrich our lives.

Connectedness is inclusive in its healing power. Contact impacts everyone no matter your race, color, religion, belief system, age, family history, personal history, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship dynamic and approach to sexual expression.

Contact is more than intimacy or love. A healing connection can occur with anyone you meet. Even within yourself.

Understanding contact and connection with others is important. It’s that moment when your eyes meet and you see and accept the other. Each of you acknowledging that acceptance.

I remember an incident during a terrible summer at summer camp. I was 10 years old, away from home and absolutely miserable. A camp counselor, not the one for my cabin, looked at me from across a camp fire, made obvious nonjudgmental eye contact with me and smiled. Something in that moment made everything okay. She made a healing connection with me.

Relationship coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their connections with others. The quote at the top of this post says, “Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it” (Anais Nin).

Connectedness with others is incredibly valuable. People crave connection and are starving for it.

Another quote reverberates in my mind. “The amazing thing about love is that it is the best way to get to know ourselves.” Rollo May

The deepest impact of contact is that connections with others help us become more aware of ourselves. We grow best in community with others.

This is true of any attempts to develop relationships in your life. Change begins with you. Your dreams, wants, and wishes. To improve your relationships with others, you will grow your relationship with yourself.

Some people want to feel better within themselves, letting go of their hurtful history. Maybe you argue constantly. Or you know you need to grow into the close, intimate relationship you desire.

Others want to change their relationship style. You want help on your search for your ideal relationship. People often want to find the love of their lives. Maybe you are seeking your soul mate.

Perhaps you are not getting along with your co-workers and you want to improve your communications at work.

Relationship coaching can help you look at your dreams and wishes, then create your own action steps to walk towards the relationships you want.

Relationships are everywhere and impact every facet of our lives. It is natural that many of us find we dream of more, better, and increased satisfaction.

Relationship coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling. Instead of treating individuals, couples and families with diagnosable mental disorders, relationship coaching focuses on reaching the dreams deep within you. The dream of connectedness.

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